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Admire the floating cans, but remember: littering is not cool



Watch those drifting cans in the river, all while channeling the lyrics of Misora Hibari—soothing, isn't it?


"Misora Hibari is a top star in Japan, often referred to as the 'Queen of Pop Music.

Watch the bottles quietly flowing down the river, listen to the pleasant sound of running water, throw small stones into the water, and discover the small animals living by the river... I believe you will definitely gain a wonderful mood.


Steam :Bottle Can Float (steampowered.com)

A Journey through Nature in 'Bottle Can Float' by Millwoo Studio

Clear away obstructing objects and skillfully let the cans float in 'Bottle Float.
Steam :Bottle Can Float (steampowered.com)

After the release of their low-poly racing game 'Joyride,' Millwoo Studio is set to unveil 'Bottle Float' on October 16, 2023. Published by jibeijia, this new offering invites players on a calming river adventure, packaged as a casual relaxation game.

Multi-faceted Gameplay: Easy Controls, Rich Experiences

Just by watching the drifting cans, 'Bottle Float' offers soothing moments this fall.
Steam:Bottle Can Float (steampowered.com)

Control the direction and speed of your floating bottle by tossing pebbles or setting up blocks in the water. The river also hides small animals, whose discovery adds a sprinkle of joy to the game. Coupled with soothing river sounds and visually stunning graphics, this game is a unique balm for the soul.

In contrast to their speed-and-thrill oriented 'Joyride,' Millwoo Studio takes a calming turn in 'Bottle Float.' This shift illuminates the versatility in their game development, promising a therapeutic experience for many.

Player Expectations vs. Reality: A Comprehensive Review of 'Bottle Can Float'

Watch over the cans as they float, while taking in the sparkling water and lush greenery around you.
Steam:Bottle Can Float (steampowered.com)

Based on the unique concept of floating bottles in a river, the game offers 10 different types of bottles and is structured over three stages. Players don't control the bottle directly but can influence its direction by throwing pebbles or lifting rocks. Collectibles like crabs, fish, shells, and letters scattered underwater add more depth to the game.

The Good and the Bad: Insights from Player Reviews

Diverse Opinions

Opinions are divided. The game earns points for its innovative gameplay and breathtaking scenery, but there's room for improvement. Criticisms include too many rocks, bottles getting stuck, and uncatchable fish. Despite being in early access, the game has already garnered attention, and players are looking forward to future updates, particularly regarding gameplay mechanics that need refinement.

System Requirements for 'Bottle Can Float'

CategoryMinimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
OSWindows 7, 8, 10Windows 7, 8, 10
Memory8 GB RAM16 GB RAM
Storage2 GB available space2 GB available space

This table shows the system requirements for a smooth gameplay experience. Take note of the significant differences between the minimum and recommended requirements, especially concerning memory and graphics cards.


I thought it would be similar to a game where you just watch ducks multiply, but it turns out there's quite a bit of interaction involved.


With various feedback received, the game might be more playable after updates. Looking forward to it.

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