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Join the Men with Beyblade Bottoms in an Unrivaled Challenge!



"Do you guys love muscles? I sure do, as long as they don’t stink! For all you muscle-loving maniacs out there, a new game has hit the scene."


"But first, let’s serve up this appetizer of information before we dive into the muscle main course."

Beyblades: A Spin into Japanese Tradition

The tops were typically fashioned in a relatively shallow conical shape, with neither the top nor the bottom prominently featuring a protruding axis – especially the top, which was almost flat. In time, these were replaced by cast iron versions. The bottom was intricately carved with a spiral pattern reminiscent of a seashell, and some featured distinct angular edges around the circumference.

Beyblades originated as a traditional Japanese spinning top, believed to have begun in and around Kyoto during the Heian period. They evolved from shells of bivalves filled with sand or clay. As the game spread from Kansai to Kanto, 'Baigoma' transformed into 'Beygoma'. Particularly between the Taisho era and the high economic growth period, this game was a hit among children.

Features and Gameplay of Beyblades

Beyblades typically have a shallow conical shape, with a spiraled pattern on the bottom and a nearly flat top with a protruding axle. The gameplay varies by region: in Kansai, mats are used as the playing field, while in Kanto, buckets or barrels covered with sheets or plastic serve as the stage. The main objective is to keep your top spinning the longest or to remain on the playing field without being knocked off by opponents.

Unique to Beyblades, players wrap a string around the body and launch it with a swift pull. Unlike typical tops, these are often used in 'battle tops' style, where losing means surrendering your top to the opponent. This led to a common practice among children of modifying their Beyblades to avoid defeat.

Today, fueled by a retro wave, Beyblades are still produced in small quantities. They have also evolved into the modern 'Beyblade' toys. The way of playing and the characteristics of Beyblades continue to be cherished parts of Japanese traditional culture.

Muscle Spinner: A New Era of Muscle and Action

In the center of the scene, the word "MACHO" prominently stands out, symbolizing the game's theme.
MACHO SPINNER on Steam (steampowered.com)

In a future society transformed by economic growth and new values, a novel form of battle has erupted, one that eliminates sorrow and conflict. Men have honed their bodies, transforming their lower halves into high-speed spinning cones, clashing with their mighty muscles. Their battles are set to redefine the very principles of the world.

The Year XXXX: A New Era Emerges

Advancements in consciousness and technology have drastically altered society. Economic growth has given birth to new values, leading to battles devoid of sorrow and conflict. Men have trained their bodies, modifying their lower halves into conical shapes to enable high-speed rotation, proudly colliding their muscles in combat. This fight has become the new order of the world.

Steam:マッチョスピナー (steampowered.com)

Introducing "Muscle Spinner"

"Muscle Spinner" is a game with a unique blend of muscles and action. The NEOLAVI Channel released a promotional video, "MACHO SPINNER/Muscle Spinner," on November 9, 2023. This 41-second clip encapsulates the allure of this innovative game, particularly intriguing for muscle enthusiasts and action game fans.

The scene then shifts to players passionately clashing their spinning tops against each other, each trying to outdo the other in a display of skill and strategy.
MACHO SPINNER on Steam (steampowered.com)

Set in the year XXXX, "Muscle Spinner" immerses players in a radically transformed society. Players must train their muscles and modify their lower halves into spinning cones, clashing in muscular battles against opponents in arena-style gameplay. The aim is to overcome all rivals and emerge as the true champion. The video features muscular characters and brief action scenes, underlining the message that muscles never betray.

System Requirements

CategoryMinimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating System (OS)Windows 10 64bitWindows 10 64bit
Memory2 GB RAM-


Exploring the World of "Muscle Spinner" Through Video

"MACHO SPINNER/Muscle Spinner" Game Introduction PVNEOLAVI

NEOLAVI's promotional video introduces the setting, gameplay, and character design of "Muscle Spinner." Players use rallying cries to boost the morale of their muscle warriors and continue the battle in the arena. Even if a muscle warrior is blown away, they can rise again to continue the fight.

Moreover, at the Macho Shop, players can use "Macho Coins" to customize their characters' appearances. By purchasing skins, poses, and accessories, players can not only alter their characters’ looks but also enhance their combat abilities. Through Multi-Battles and Ranked Matches, players can prove their skills against other competitors.

"Muscle Spinner" is developed by indie game developer NEOLAVI, known for their involvement in games like "Slime Climb Scrum," "YGGDRASILL," and "SAMURAI Survivor -Senhime Thousand-." This new game promises a passionate and thrilling experience, drawing players into the frenzy of competitive arena battles. Challengers, prepare yourselves to become the most formidable muscle warriors!

NEOLAVI | Indie Game Developer


"Whoa, talk about intense battles! It's getting close to winter, but who needs heating with action this hot?"。

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As always, we'd like to take a moment to share some announcements with you.

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3. Razer Kraken Kitty V2 Pro Wired RGB Headset: Ears, Lighting, and Action!
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Join the Men with Beyblade Bottoms in an Unrivaled Challenge!

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