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The Great Escape from the Slaughterhouse: "Saborus"



"Chicken FOX, over and out! It's do-or-die time — breakin' free from the slaughterhouse starts now!"

Escape to Flight: Inside the World of 'Saborus'

A chicken is making its bid for freedom from the slaughterhouse.
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'Saborus,' a fresh horror spectacle unveiled by QUByte Interactive, casts players as Giselle, a plucky hen daring to defy the slaughterhouse's dread. The game's announcement trailer, a heart-pounding 73 seconds released on October 26, 2023, has already hit 15,869 views, buzzing through the gaming community. With its unbelievably lifelike graphics and chilling ambiance, 'Saborus' promises to dish out suspense and shivers in spades. Eager gamers can look out for its release on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Steam soon.

Source::ニワトリ大脱走ホラーゲーム『Saborus』発表。食肉加工場で逃げまわり、鶏肉になる運命を避ける - AUTOMATON (automaton-media.com)

Bravery Takes Wing: 'Saborus' Gameplay Experience

Saborus - Announcement Trailer | Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and Steam:QUByte Interactive

In 'Saborus,' players embody a chicken sprinting through a carnivorous labyrinth, plotting the ultimate escape from human clutches. This isn't just any run-of-the-mill flight; it demands quick wits and strategic savvy. Utilize the small stature of a chicken to hide, hurdle obstacles, and find fleeting respite from your pursuers. With a peck, interact with your environment to overcome hurdles. Developed by HIGH ROOM and to be published by QUByte Interactive for PC (Steam) and various consoles, the release date is a mystery yet to hatch.

A Visionary Helmsman in Gaming: QUByte Interactive's Role

Silently, the chicken tiptoes, attempting to slip away unnoticed.
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Hailing from Brazil, QUByte Interactive is an indie game development powerhouse with a portfolio over 100 titles strong. Not just creating their own, they offer outsourcing services to fellow creators and business partners, catering to the diverse cravings of the gaming world. They're on a quest to surpass industry standards with their tech wizardry, making game porting possible across all platforms and championing the challenges indie studios face with their publishing acumen, especially in the console arena.

From Retro to Revolutionary: QUByte Interactive's Gaming Trove

Infiltrating without being detected, the chicken hides in the shadows.

QUByte Interactive bridges past and present, breathing new life into retro titles and fostering indie innovations. Their QUByte Classics line rejuvenates golden oldies like Piko Interactive's treasures for today's consoles. As Brazil's gaming artisans and Latin America's largest console publisher, QUByte is steering the industry's growth, striving for game access and optimization across major platforms. Their mission: to propel the gaming world forward through partnerships.


"We won't let humans dictate our fate! Let's band together for the peace and freedom of our feathered friends!"

"Keep it real — it's just a game, after all."


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