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A Devil's Hole: The Evolutionary Game "Winnie's Hole" Unfolds Inside a Familiar Bear's Belly



Whoa! This indie game is making quite the buzz.


Just to be clear, I absolutely love this work. I used to collect its plush


In this world, some people just want to break the most beautiful things. If they get mad, just laugh it off.

Embark on a new adventure with Winnie the Pooh, but this time from inside his body! You become a virus existing within Winnie, capturing cells to create mutations and special abilities. Refine his primitive form, adapt for survival, and make sure you're not contained by his friends. They don't understand our gift... it's time to share it with them.

Steam:Winnie's Hole (steampowered.com)

Winnie’s Hole: A Devil's Hole?

Inside My Body, There's a Virus Called "Winnie's Hole"
Steam:Winnie's Hole (steampowered.com)

You are a virus inside Winnie. Capture cells to create mutations. Choose powerful combinations from your options and transform your host into a monstrous entity. You can become a tentacled terror, a sturdy monster with a spine, or even a poisonous beast!

Game Overview

"Winnie's Hole" is a game where the bear rapidly transforms into a monster.
Steam:Winnie's Hole (steampowered.com)

Explore the unknown world inside the host, find new cells, and decide the direction of evolution. By collecting resources, you can unlock various special abilities. Specializing your host in a specific direction is also a viable strategy for survival. Another goal is to infect other organisms to find the ultimate host. As your influence grows, acquire new hosts and master diverse playstyles.

The fun is infectious. So spread the joy to your friends and surprise them!

About the Developer 'Twice Different'

Twice Different is an indie game development studio based in Australia. They specialize in dark and challenging roguelike games. The founder, Simon Boxer, was originally a renowned concept artist in the gaming industry.

Their notable work, "Winnie's Hole," was developed in response to the original Winnie the Pooh becoming public domain. In this game, players invade Winnie the Pooh's body as a virus and transform him into a terrifying entity covered in tentacles and multiple mouths.

Public domain refers to the absence or expiration of intellectual property rights like copyrights or patents.


It allows anyone to freely use or modify the work, although caution is needed depending on the country or region.

Created before the bear game, "Ring of Pain"
Steam:Ring of Pain (steampowered.com)

Furthermore, Twice Different has previously showcased a game called "Ring of Pain" at Gamescom's Indie Arena. This turn-based card game starts with the player in a state of confusion, choosing whom to trust as the game progresses. It also serves as a canvas for projecting one's fears and delusions, making it a story of growth.

Winnie's Hole: Official Announcement Trailer

Winnie's Hole - Official Announcement Trailer :Twice Different

Video Overview

The 45-second video titled "Winnie's Hole - Game Announcement Trailer," released by Twice Different's YouTube channel on June 6, 2023, encapsulates the allure of the new game "Winnie's Hole." It has already surpassed 37,667 views, indicating high interest.

The trailer reveals the unique game concept where players become a virus invading Winnie the Pooh's body. The main activities in the game involve capturing cells to grow and transform Winnie the Pooh himself. Wishlist registration on Steam is also recommended.

According to the video transcript, phrases like "Limbs and Jaws, teeth and Claws" are used, adding depth and variety to the game. This game sets itself apart from traditional Winnie the Pooh works and promises a new entertainment experience.

Video Comments and Public Reaction Summary

Public reactions to this video are diverse, with numerous intriguing insights being shared. Fans of Twice Different's previous work, "Ring of Pain," are showing high expectations and interest in this new project. Particularly, the innovative incorporation of Winnie the Pooh becoming public domain has been well-received.

On the other hand, concerns about introducing horror elements to such an iconic character cannot be ignored. Some comments suggest that Twice Different has enough talent to create original content, questioning the need to use Winnie the Pooh at all.

Furthermore, there's considerable interest in the game's artwork and play mechanics, to which the developers are actively responding. Especially since Winnie the Pooh has entered the public domain, there are high expectations for new story developments and unique interpretations.

Overall, the video and the game behind it are drawing attention from many, despite the divided opinions. Such multifaceted reactions only heighten interest in how the game will evolve in the future.


Given that it's based on a globally popular work, there's bound to be a fair share of negative opinions.


But hey, the intriguing element of controlling an internal virus to freely mutate the character is pretty cool, don't you think?


Ha! How do they even come up with ideas like this? The minds of indie game developers are the real horror, aren't they?

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