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Survival horror within the station: "Oni Station" haunted by demons.



A unique game reminiscent of the international version of "Tag" is generating buzz.

Oni Station is a horror game with roguelike and arcade elements where you pilot a train to outrun the creature chasing you. Carefully plan which stations to stop, search for resources and, above all, how far can you survive?

Steam Oni Station (steampowered.com)

OniSration: Always be on your guard.

Hurry, or the demon in "Demon Station" will get the player.
Steam Oni Station (steampowered.com)

Game Introduction: You abruptly awaken inside a train, your memories a muddled fog. Directly in front, the control panel's fuel gauge steadily decreases. What's unmistakable is the unsettling entity pursuing you and the paramount importance of maintaining fuel.

Oni Station' involves strategically selecting stations for refueling while fleeing an encroaching creature. With elements of roguelike and arcade intricately combined, how far can you possibly survive?

Game Summary

Traverse diverse stations, securing crucial resources such as fuel and batteries. An eerie entity persistently pursues, promising an adventure full of mysteries. Time is of the essence, demanding judicious actions. On the online leaderboards, test your mettle against other players' endurance.

Reference Site:Tavern Tale Studio(taverntalestudio) - Official - Linktree

Game Reception

Accelerate the train; Oni Station emphasizes time management.
Steam Oni Station (steampowered.com)
  1. Game Excitement: Numerous users have expressed that the game provides a rush akin to an adrenaline surge. The challenge of time management and spatial awareness stands out among feedback.
  2. Authentic roguelike elements are incorporated, leading each playthrough to a potential demise.
  3. The game's objective is to traverse infinite stations and journey as far as possible.
  4. Stations serve as resource hubs to search for fuel and other items.
  5. Gacha coins can be utilized in the train's rear machine to acquire random items.
  6. Improvement Points: Feedback from several players indicates the need for certain game refinements. Recommendations include adjusting the pixel filter and adding both FOV and brightness sliders.
  7. Game Review: A considerable user base has praised the game for its replay value and distinctiveness. Some have even highlighted it as their top roguelike game on Steam.
  8. Bugs/Issues: User feedback indicates the emergence of certain bugs and challenges during gameplay. Issues include uncollectable items, battery glitches, and challenges in amulet functionality.
  9. Game Enjoyment: A myriad of users have conveyed their delight with the game. Some testimonials specifically dub the game as "incredibly engaging and scary.

Gameplay footage by horror game aficionados.

Video Overview

From the channel "Gatchiman, who rarely jumps and constantly indulges in horror games," a fresh video has surfaced. Debuted on October 6, 2023, this footage, dubbed "​2​Evading the Encroaching Demon + Roguelike," has an impressive runtime of about an hour and has garnered a whopping 208,586 views.

Gatchiman dives into the horror gameplay of "Demon Station (Oni Station)." In this pursuit, players command a train, fleeing from a looming demon. The key is to refuel and stock up on items at various stations. Introducing roguelike dynamics, it challenges players with decisions on stopping points and item choices.

The video underscores the game's progression, tactical depth, and the pivotal role of managing fuel and items. Further, roguelike components amplify the suspense. It's a must-watch for horror aficionados and dedicated Gatchiman followers. This footage offers a captivating insight into Gatchiman's distinctive gameplay and game mastering techniques.


Its straightforward mechanics juxtaposed with the looming unpredictability of an attack make the game irresistibly tense.


Oni Station": A horror experience infused with roguelike dynamics.

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