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The horror game 'Buried' is a tough challenge for those with claustrophobia. Where lies the way to survive?



An intriguing game debuting this month lets you escape from being buried alive.


You wake up buried alive. You are running out of oxygen and you can't remember how you got here. There must be a way out, can you figure it out in time?

Steam:Buried (steampowered.com)

With only a tight time limit, 'Buried' sets you on an escape mission in a confined, dark space

How do you escape from inside a coffin in 'Buried'?
Steam:Buried (steampowered.com)

One day, you wake up in complete darkness, unable to move. Reaching out, you grab your nearly-dead cellphone. Turning on the flashlight reveals you're enclosed in wooden boards—you're buried alive. And both oxygen and battery are quickly running out. Time is ticking. Can you escape this dire situation?

A tense 30 minutes! Your choices dictate your fate in escaping from a coffin.

Buried is a game where you rely on your smartphone, lighter, and wits to make it through.
Steam:Buried (steampowered.com)

Trapped in a coffin with limited resources and no way out, the game starts the moment you wake up inside. Although it's a short experience, those 30 minutes will surely get your heart pounding.

The key to escape lies in the items found within the coffin and the puzzles that need solving. But that's not all. You'll need to cleverly manage your battery, lighter fluid, and oxygen levels while keeping your stress in check. If you panic, your oxygen levels will rapidly deplete, and it's almost game over.

Warning: Content. This game frequently features unsettling imagery and language. Particularly, those sensitive to claustrophobia should be cautious."

System Requirements

ItemMinimum Specifications
OSWindows 10
Processor2 GHz or higher
Memory4 GB RAM
GraphicsGeforce 960 or higher
DirectXVersion 11
Storage1 GB free space

While there's no official teaser for the game, it seems that the experience of being buried alive in a coffin might not be far from reality. There are some adventurous souls out there who've given it a try.

Pushing Human Limits: A 50-Hour Burial Experience

What Happens When You Spend 50 Hours Buried Alive!MrBeast

MrBeast's 12-minute and 40-second video, released on YouTube on March 27, 2021, is packed with intense challenges that test the limits of human psychology and endurance. With over 329.82 million views, this experiment has garnered widespread attention.

Core Content: 50 Hours in a Coffin

The main setting of the video is MrBeast's life in a coffin. He documents his reactions and thoughts in real-time, sharing these tense moments with his viewers. The video also highlights various actions performed by his friends above ground and his reactions to them.

The video focuses on the psychological pressures and human endurance under extreme conditions. Therefore, it offers a valuable viewing experience for those interested in psychology and human limits.

If intrigued, consider tuning into this unconventional challenge and ponder the human limits through MrBeast's extreme experience.


In such a setting, you can't go to the bathroom, have no companions for constant conversation, and can't even play pranks by removing the battery. Escape from a rigidly locked coffin seems challenging, making this game suitable for live streaming.

Creator: Another Piece by Authogin

Horror puzzle game with spot-the-difference elements for survival. Complete interesting puzzles throughout your home to gain access to more areas and unlock more of the story all while using your modified camera to survive the threat that is lurking.


Steam:Confabulation: Homestead (steampowered.com)
A creepy threat looms within the home in the puzzle game "Confabulation: Homestead."
Steam:Confabulation: Homestead (steampowered.com)

Confabulation: Homestead": The Unknown Entity Threatening Domestic Peace

Authogin, an indie game developer, released the horror game "Confabulation: Homestead" on September 3, 2023.

Your home faces an unknown threat. For months, strange phenomena have been occurring within your property. And finally, your family has gone missing. The police suspect your involvement. Can you solve the fate of your family and yourself within this tense hour?

The game pays attention to the details of the home and its premises, requiring you to notice changes. By capturing the changes in photographs, you can revert the situation. However, if neglected, the lurking threat intensifies, and the police are also closing in on arresting you. You have approximately one hour. What you accomplish before getting caught determines the game's appeal.

Note: This game contains mature themes.

The highly anticipated official trailer for the new horror game "Confabulation: Homestead" is now available.

Confabulation: Homestead - Official Trailer [Authogin]:Authogin

This 1-minute and 6-second video released from the Authogin channel encapsulates the allure of "Confabulation: Homestead," slated for release on Steam on August 29, 2023.

Game Features and Official Information

The trailer incorporates a variety of themes such as aliens, UFOs, cameras, mazes, and crop circles. These elements enhance the in-game experience of horror, puzzle, and mystery. Interested players can add the game to their Steam wishlist, and a demo version is already available.

Official updates about the game are regularly posted on Twitter and Twitch.

"Confabulation: Homestead" Game Review Analysis

"Confabulation: Homestead" has received high praise from both players and critics, especially for the following aspects:

Positive Points:

Gameplay Depth: Players are fascinated by the combination of "spot the difference" elements and puzzle-solving.

Sound Design: The game's sound effects are highly rated, immersing the players in the experience.

Story: Players feel engrossed in the story up to the very end of the game.

Replayability: The game offers multiple endings and game modes, providing replay value.

Community Response: The game is also enjoyed by streaming audiences, and has a high rating within the community.

Areas for Improvement:

Final Segment: Some players feel a bit disappointed towards the end of the game.

Performance: Some users have provided feedback regarding optimization issues.

Overall, "Confabulation: Homestead" has received favorable reviews from a large number of players due to its unique gameplay elements and high replay value. Particularly, the game's sound effects and story are major factors that pull players in. On the other hand, there have been suggestions for improvement, especially regarding optimization and the game's final stages.


Well, from here we'll see how the new game evolves this month.

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These summaries should give you a good overview of each product's key features and benefits.

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