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Experience the fan-made, fan-centric Hololive fighting game, "Idol Showdown."



While there have always been fan-made games where slice-of-life anime and manga characters duke it out in fighting arenas, the modern twist is the creation of games themed around the popular VTubers known as Hololive.

What is Hololive?

Illustration of a princess-themed VTuber.
Image for illustrative purposes only

Operated by Cover Corporation, Hololive stands as a titan in the VTuber realm. Under the banner of Hololive Production, a talent agency for VTubers, 54 female VTubers shine. Impressively, out of these, 23 have achieved the remarkable milestone of surpassing one million YouTube subscribers.

Hololive's activities span a broad spectrum, including:

  • YouTube Live Streams and Video Content: Each member offers diverse content on their individual channels, ranging from gameplay, casual chats, singing, tabletop RPGs, ASMR, radio shows, to short clips.
  • Original Music Production: The talents frequently showcase their musical prowess by producing and releasing their original tracks on music streaming platforms.
  • Collaborations with Major Brands: They've teamed up with renowned companies like Lawson and Nissin Foods for unique collaborations.
  • Encouraging Fan Art and Creations: Hololive actively promotes fan-made content, providing guidelines for fans to create illustrations, comics, cosplay, and more.

The allure of Hololive resonates with numerous fans through these multifaceted endeavors.

Made by hololive fans, for hololive fans. Idol Showdown is the definitive fan-made hololive fighting game experience, powered by rollback netcode. Engage in exciting duels as your favorite hololive talent and prove once and for all who the strongest idol is using the game’s easy-to-learn controls.

ホロライブファンによる、ホロライブファンの為の無料非公式ゲームです。 「Idol Showdown」は、ロールバックネットコードを採用したファンメイドのホロライブ格闘ゲームの決定版です。好きなホロライブタレントで対決して、最強のアイドルが誰なのか簡単な操作で証明しよう。 ようこそ、ショウーダウンへ!

Steam:Idol Showdown (steampowered.com)

Experience Hololive's Charm in a Game: "Idol Showdown"

Illustration of "Idol Showdown."

Hololive, a beloved VTuber group, has captured the hearts of many fans with their charismatic characters and memorable moments. Now, an attempt to encapsulate this allure within the gaming realm has emerged under the title "Idol Showdown." Crafted by Hololive fans for Hololive fans, this unofficial fighting game allows players to step into the shoes of their favorite Hololive VTubers. Players can engage in battles using moves inspired by each character's unique traits and iconic moments.

Teaser Trailer Unveils the Game's Allure

Idol Showdown: Reveal Trailer | hololive Fighting Game:Idol Showdown | Besto Game Team

On March 22, 2023, a channel named "Idol Showdown | Besto Game Team" released a teaser trailer lasting approximately 1 minute and 6 seconds. This video, showcasing the fighting game "Idol Showdown" featuring Hololive characters, has already garnered around 226,452 views.

The trailer provides glimpses of the gameplay and action-packed scenes of the characters, allowing fans to see how their beloved Hololive personalities are portrayed in the game. It's worth noting that this game is non-profit and has been crafted as a derivative of Cover Corporation's hololive properties.

After over two years in development, "Idol Showdown" is slated for a free release in Spring 2023. The game promises to be a treat for both Hololive enthusiasts and fighting game aficionados. The portrayal of Hololive characters within the game, coupled with its dynamic gameplay and action, is sure to captivate many.

developer:「Besto Game Team」

Victory screen similar to a YouTube video.

The Origin and Journey of "Idol Showdown" by Besto Game Team

Besto Game Team, composed of fervent fans of Hololive and fighting games, birthed the unofficial doujin fighting game "Idol Showdown" as their passion project. The story behind this project is as intriguing as the game itself.

Around three years ago, a bet made among the team's founder and his friends sparked the idea for this game. Accepting the challenge, the founder reached out globally via Reddit, assembling the Besto Game Team. In the early days, the direction and even the starting point of the project were unclear, taking a considerable amount of time to solidify their development path.

A notable aspect of this team is that every member joined as a volunteer. This meant that no specific tasks could be imposed on anyone, making team management quite intricate.

The game they produced, "Idol Showdown," adheres to Hololive's secondary creation guidelines and is not intended for monetization. Available for free on Steam, it's highly recommended for those curious to dive into this unique experience.

Source::ホロライブ同人格闘ゲーム「Idol Showdown」はなぜ生み出されたのか? 制作者インタビュー - MoguLive (moguravr.com)

Diving into the Charm of "Idol Showdown"


Illustration of various girls battling, inspired by Hololive.

Have you heard of "Idol Showdown," the talk of the town among Hololive fans and fighting game enthusiasts worldwide? Let's unravel its allure based on candid player feedback.

A consistent highlight among many players is the game's impressive quality. Popular Vtubers like Usada Pekora are playable characters, and their pixel art animations are both adorable and fluid. The game mechanics and systems echo renowned fighting games like "BlazBlue," "Guilty Gear," and "Melty Blood," making it accessible for seasoned fighters. Yet, it also boasts intuitive controls, allowing even beginners to string combos effortlessly.

Many players are astounded by the game's quality, especially given its free price tag. The gameplay, character animations, sound, and the affectionate pixel art rival those of commercial releases. The game also supports online battles, allowing fans worldwide to face off.

However, some users have expressed wishes for improved online functionalities and compatibility with lower-spec devices. These are likely areas the development team will address in future updates.

A fun tidbit showcasing the game's charm: the endless loop of Miko-chan's staff roll song in the credits has become addictively popular among fans. Whether you're a Hololive enthusiast or a fighting game aficionado, give "Idol Showdown" a try. Its allure is bound to captivate you.

See you in the arena!

System Requirements:

Processor & Operating System64-bit required64-bit required
OS8.1, 10, 11-
Processori5-8250U or Ryzen 3 3200U-
Memory4 GB RAM-
GraphicsNVIDIA GT 710 2gb or Radeon 520 2gb-
DirectXVersion 11-
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection-
Storage1 GB available space-

Disclaimer: "Idol Showdown" is a free, unofficial fan game. Neither "Idol Showdown" nor Besto Games Team is affiliated with or represents hololive or COVER Corp. This project was developed in accordance with hololive's secondary creation guidelines ([link]). "Idol Showdown" is a non-monetized free game in any form, existing or planned.


The game's title might suggest a rather ominous "idol hell," but setting that aside, it's genuinely enjoyable as a fighting game. Given that it's free, it's a delightful treat for players.

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